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The BBM Testlab carries out user-oriented quality tests of products, systems and networks as well as of the combination of device and network. We detect potential weak points in image and sound quality, usability quality as well as quality and stability of software.

For this purpose, objective parameters are determined and important quality features like image and sound quality are investigated by means of methodologically adapted panel tests. Seniors, for example, can give important information on the simple usabilty of devices.

Often, the overall quality is determined by how a device is connected to the respective transmission system, like the mobile phone network or the way of television transmission, without the user is being aware of this fact. In order to clarify how individual device features are influenced by the quality of the respective network, we combine isolated tests on network simulators and generators with fieldtests in the real environment to be able to make universally valid statements.

Our many years of experience with comparable product tests, starting from analogue recording and reproducing systems of the early 1980s through digital converters in the 1990s up to the modern internet- and computer-based media and telecommunications systems, help us to classify the test results.

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