Mobile network tests

The perceived speech quality of a phone call made on the way decisively depends on the quality and the local conditions of the mobile phone network. A mobile phone of poor quality sounds and works much better if the mobile network is in a good state than a high-quality mobile phone with a poor mobile network quality, like, for example, a weak coverage or in a train at high velocity. Apart from that, the quality of the mobile network is no rigid state. Mobile data networks are influenced by the traffic load and data throughput of the registered telephones. Thus, for tests to assess the network quality practical test are needed and a high number of phone calls or web sessions are required.

The BBM Testlab analyses the network quality, similar to the network operators, with its own measuring vehicles and transportable measuring system. For the use in trains, buildings or in the open measuring equipment is used, which is integrated in a case or a backpack. The measured signaling parameters of the mobile phone networks are directly entered to maps using GPS data or are evaluated statistically. Apart from pure 2G – 5G mobile networks / 5G Campus-networks we are also able to investigate WiFi networks.

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