Test methods

Sometimes, for new and innovative products standardised test methods provide no usable results. Thus, manufacturers carry out extensive tests within the scope of pre-compliance and type approval tests, but the test results often do not include any statements on operability and the smooth interaction of the different partial functions. However, for the user, shortcomings in operability are a serious obstacle and can spoil the joy in the new device.

In a process of changing perspective the BBM Testlab takes into account exactly these aspects. We take the role of an inexperienced user and describe his perceptions and experience from the point of view of an engineer. Here, we make use of innovative and specialised measuring and investigation methods.

Our colleagues in the Müller-BBM Group with many years of experience in the fields of vibration technology, psychoacoustics, room acoustics, electromagnetic environmental compatibility and data processing can assist us in the development and coordination of new test methods. Material analyses can be carried out and questions on chemistry can be answered in our group of companies by own test laboratories or by mas münster analytical solutions.

As test rooms, acoustical and RF free field rooms with a very low background noise level, a reverberation room, a photo and video studio and an listening studio can be used. Another part of our laboratory facilities are environmental simulation test stands for tumbling drum test, a rain test, a vibration test rig and a system for wind simulation.

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